Infection teasers

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Hey all, so I've been working on a minigame called Infection for the past few months. In this minigame, your goal is to be the last survivor. Upon joining a map, you must wait until at least 8 players join. When the map starts, a random player becomes the alpha zombie. When you die, you become infected. There is no timer, the game goes on until there is a winner. This is strongly Greek mythology themed, spawn is in the underworld :p The story takes place where Metis' 2nd child is born and takes over the throne, leaving the heavens in disarray, having the underworld unmanaged which results in this minigame; Infection. This is also why the kits you can select are a range of Greek gods. Every map will have a bunch of Easter Eggs you will be able to find. Get hyped, tell your friends and thanks for reading :) Expect some more images soon.

Infection Main Lobby

Woah! The website?!

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Hey there,
We are progressively updating the website with the help of @DarkKnight. If you have any suggestions, let me know! We are still working on getting LiteBans directly added to the site. We may also attempt to remove our dependency on BuyCraft and add our own store directly into the website so when you donate, more of your contribution is able to be spent on the server. When we do this, we will also be able to support automatic rank trades. What this means, is you can use /offer which will open an inventory asking you which package(s) from the store you want, you then provide the items/in game $ that you would like to offer for these to be bought for you. Anyone can view offers using /offers, when it's made of course. We do not allow in game items to be traded for hard currency (such as offering items for PayPal money). If caught, you will be punished accordingly.

SwordVale's release!

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Hey guys! It has been quite a while since I've posted here. I have started up SwordVale with Survival, Creative and soon to have SkyBlock. These gamemodes are released whilst we continue designing and developing the unique factions gamemode we are working on. If you have any ideas or complaints, please let me know :) Make sure you read the rules enjoy yourselves! My TODO list for tomorrow you can find below:

  • Fix survival shop
  • Finish bungeecord tags plugin
  • NuVotifier for all servers
  • SkyBlock spawn
  • LiteBans config for all servers
  • Link BuyCraft, give everyone their ranks/tags back.
  • Make rank perks
  • Make website look nice
  • Add playercount below NPC names for servers.
  • Add playercount for servers in the compass.
  • Configure SkyBlock plugin.
  • Make some interesting SkyBlock challenges.
  • Make a shop for SkyBlock.
  • Fix discord invite link for the website.


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