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  1. HotProtato

    Pineapple goes on pizza

    Pineapple goes on pizza
  2. HotProtato

    Drop Party Bug

    Should now be patched. Thanks for reporting this!
  3. HotProtato

    Reward clock not working.

    To fix this, I'm going to need daily automatic restarts. I'll implement that shortly for smoother gameplay.
  4. HotProtato

    Drop Party Bug

    Oops, I better fix that xD I meant to make the command sender console but.. I ended up making this at 6am or so.
  5. HotProtato

    Skyblock time glitch

    Fixed. It was unneeded as it's considered the next day when server time reaches 24:00
  6. HotProtato

    Appeal format

    In game name: Server you were punished on (Survival, Creative etc): Why were you punished? Who punished you? Do you believe this punishment was unfair? If not, why are you appealing?
  7. HotProtato

    Format Report format

    To help enforce rules to keep the gameplay quality of you, our players we encourage players to speak up whenever they see anyone breaking rules. Copy & Paste the format and create a new thread, a staff member will respond shortly. Thank you :D In game name: Server (SkyBlock/Survival etc)...
  8. HotProtato

    /warp ideas for skyblock

    PvP is in the makings, warp oink I can definitely do probably when we get a new/bigger spawn though ;P same for /warp enchant
  9. HotProtato

    SwordVale Rules

    By joining SwordVale, you agree to abide these rules. You will be notified of any changes to these rules where appropriate. Chat offences Spamming, bypassing the chat censor, excessive use of capital letters, flooding, disrespecting players (whether staff or not), requesting personal...
  10. HotProtato

    Status pointlessly updated c:

    Status pointlessly updated c: