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  1. Rassi

    Skyblock time glitch

    As you see in the picture, the ''Time until next day:'' is stuck as 1s. It has been stuck for at least an hour.
  2. Rassi

    The super awkward guy in the corner

    The super awkward guy in the corner
  3. Rassi

    Shop feature

    A glass pane that adds 2304 (a whole inventory) to the sell/buy. It will make it a lot easier to sell stuff from a grinder.
  4. Rassi

    The command /lobby or /hub

    Adding a command that sends you back to the lobby. It's annoying that i need to disconnect to get to a ohter part of the server. While i'm at the lobby, is it possible to get a no hunger plugin on the lobby? If you do the parkour, you will need food at a point.
  5. Rassi


    You can only mine a certain number of a certain block, once you have mined the max amount of blocks, you get to mine stone and wood unlimited. This is ofcourse a minigame, so it will have a deathmatch to ensure that matches don't become any longer than 30 minutes or so. This is in the survival...