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  1. How old are you? Prefer not to disclose, Protato already knows.
  2. What can you bring to the build team? Exterior builds/detailing and some terrain (such as built flora or vegetation)
  3. Do you have experience being a builder? :)
  4. Are you experienced with WorldEdit or VoxelSniper? Worldedit and I'm learning Voxel
  5. Are you experienced in using schematic editors? Schematica for the most part although I dont usually use schematics.
  6. Why do you want to become a builder? (It'd bring some old times back for me personally, and I believe it'd be neat to have someone who's been around for a while back on the team. Along with that I can help anyone else in case they need it regarding building and make structures of my own.
  7. In terms of building, what is your greatest strength? Exterior, Organic and Terrain (flora/veg. -> trees, bushes, overgrowth--such as mushrooms, gardens etc.)
  8. In terms of building, what is your greatest weakness? Modern, Interior (and spacing things properly for interior, hence not good with it)
  9. What is your knowledge of SwordVale? Do I really need to answer this?

  10. How active are you? Hour a day minimum disregarding weekends which my depend on my personal plans, if my weekend is free then 4hrs+ minimum.
  11. Do you have a portfolio? I don't but my builds have already (for the most part) been seen although I have improved since.
  12. Please provide examples of your work. (My work has been seen before but like I said, I've improved since and if anything I'd prefer a build test instead. Doesn't take very long and I cant really provide real examples worth your time.

  13. Is there anything else you would like to tell us? Protato's a nerd.