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Builder Application Format

  1. What can you bring to the build team? (What can you offer the build team? Humour? Expertise in certain areas?).
  2. Do you have experience being a builder? (Have you been a builder on another server before? If so, please describe your experiences).

  3. Are you experienced with WorldEdit or VoxelSniper? (Do you know how to use WorldEdit or VoxelSniper?).
  4. Are you experienced in using schematic editors? (Software that allows you to modify schematics or worlds such as MCEdit).
  5. Why do you want to become a builder? (Why would you like to build for SwordVale?).

  6. In terms of building, what is your greatest strength? (Interiors? Exteriors? Terrains? Organic builds? Pixel builds?).
  7. In terms of building, what is your greatest weakness? (Modern buildings? Medieval buildings? To work as a team?).
  8. What is your knowledge of SwordVale? (How much do you know about SwordVale?).

  9. How active are you? (How active each day are you on SwordVale?).
  10. Do you have a portfolio? (If so, please link it).
  11. Please provide examples of your work. (You must provide at least 3 examples, unless your portfolio has at least 3).

  12. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
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