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  • Do you have a working microphone? Yes
  • Can you record good quality videos? 720p counts as good quality in my books
  • Can you download and use Discord? I have a discord that I am active on three-fourth of my day

  • Are you familiar with the rules? Yes, I read and understood the rules thoroughly
  • What is your time zone? UTC +4 (GMT +4)

  • What is your knowledge of SwordVale? SwordVale is a Minecraft server that is trying to break out of the norm and be different
  • Why do you want to join the staff team? I recently left a server I was staff on for a long time as the owner had to delete discord forever, therefore I am looking for another place to be a staff for
  • What can you bring to the staff team? I have a lot of experience in being moderators in multiple discord groups, I am online very often, I'm funny and play Minecraft a lot. Plus I stream on YT. I could manage the discord, setup game nights, setup MC events, and I'm very good at World Edit and other Minecraft OP functions

  • Where are you most active? Mostly on discord as I have school, will get onto server occasionally
  • What do you believe your greatest strength is? My greatest strength is my experience, and how often I am online
  • What do you believe your greatest weakness is? My greatest weakness is that I speak too much

  • Do you have any previous experience as a staff member? I've been a member of staff on plenty of discord servers, managing them, adding features, helping out, et cetera
  • Have you ever broken a rule on a server and have been punished for it? I've never broken a rule on a Minecraft server, however I've been warned and muted on a discord server for pinging a role by accident 2 years ago and so I left the server
  • How active are you on SwordVale? I'm very active on Discord and sometimes on Minecraft
  • Is there anything else we should know? I really want this application to be accepted! :D
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Denied. I have decided we are going to wait until the server is in beta before accepting applications, thanks for applying regardless, assuming we reach beta within a month, you don't need to wait before submitting another application.
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