Infection teasers

Hey all, so I've been working on a minigame called Infection for the past few months. In this minigame, your goal is to be the last survivor. Upon joining a map, you must wait until at least 8 players join. When the map starts, a random player becomes the alpha zombie. When you die, you become infected. There is no timer, the game goes on until there is a winner. This is strongly Greek mythology themed, spawn is in the underworld :p The story takes place where Metis' 2nd child is born and takes over the throne, leaving the heavens in disarray, having the underworld unmanaged which results in this minigame; Infection. This is also why the kits you can select are a range of Greek gods. Every map will have a bunch of Easter Eggs you will be able to find. Get hyped, tell your friends and thanks for reading :) Expect some more images soon.

Infection Main Lobby