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NetherMinor's Building Application

  1. How old are you? I would rather keep this info private.
  2. What can you bring to the build team? I have lots of experience with building with commands and also building spawns and maps for games.
  3. Do you have experience being a builder? I was builder on this server called "LlamaCraft" For a while, then I resigned. One of their spawns was made by me.

  4. Are you experienced with WorldEdit or VoxelSniper? I have experience with W/E, but only a little bit with VoxelSniper.
  5. Are you experienced in using schematic editors? Not that much.
  6. Why do you want to become a builder? I would like to create very nice spawns as well as help out with Moderation. (If it's possible that I can do both)

  7. In terms of building, what is your greatest strength? Modern and medieval spawn areas, and the exterior and interior of houses. I also like making outdoor decor like fountains, and hedges.
  8. In terms of building, what is your greatest weakness? My weakest trait is probably how demanding in everything being my way when I'm building something.
  9. What is your knowledge of SwordVale? Not much, I recently discovered the server. I have seen some of the spawns.

  10. How active are you? I will try to join everyday to see if there is anything that HotProtato could need for me to help out and build.
  11. Do you have a portfolio? Not as of now, but I might in a month or two.
  12. Please provide examples of your work. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachme...9944425482/ice_screenshot_20190909-082314.png

  13. Is there anything else you would like to tell us? Nope. I hope I can help out with building soon! :D