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Omg.. the website!


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Hey SwordWields,
I'd like to thank @benj for making our new website theme. We have some exciting features heading our way from being able to claim rewards in game for levelling up on Discord to having our minigames near completion (PixelWars & Fortress). We are in the process of designing a SkyBlock update which will include new shop prices, new challenges & new crates! We are working on some trophies and ranks for the website which you can earn simply by being involved. You'll also be rewarded in game for each trophy you unlock and perhaps each new rank you unlock. These rewards would be per-server (you can claim the rewards on Survival, SkyBlock etc). I want to thank those who have supported SwordVale by spreading the word and inviting your friends, those who have donated, those who have applied, those who have given us some valuable feedback and suggestions, those who have joined my production team working hard to make SwordVale a more enjoyable place for everyone, the build team for making extraordinary buildings for the server and my admin, Friendly123 for assisting me in setting up some needed functions and helping me sustain SwordVale. I'll keep you all updated on the progress of these features, I hope you're all as excited and hyped as I am :D Love you all.