SwordVale Rules

By joining SwordVale, you agree to abide by these rules. You will be notified of any changes to these rules where appropriate.

Chat offences
Spamming, bypassing the chat censor, excessive use of capital letters, flooding, disrespecting players (whether staff or not), requesting personal information, discriminating, threatening players, unrelated links, inciting others to break rules, acting uncivilised, being responsible or apart of flame wars, accusing players of breaking rules, inciting others to suicide, blackmailing, hiding someone broke a rule, sexual harassment or anything that is considered offensive, may be punished as follows:

1st Offence: warning
2nd Offence: 30 minute mute
3rd Offence: 6 hour mute
4th Offence: 1 day mute

Behaviour offences
Griefing players, refusing to collaborate with staff, Having an inappropriate named item or pet, trolling in chat ("Do /creative" or "Do /ci"), m
ay be punished as follows:

1st Offence: 1 Hour jail time
2nd Offence: 6 Hours jail time
3rd Offence: 24 Hours jail time
4th Offence: 1 week ban
5th Offence: Permanent ban

Having a modified client or Macros in a way that gives you an advantage over others (this includes auto-clickers) or weight on your mouse/keyboard whilst AFK, adultery, selling accounts, attempting to frame players, attempting to scam players with real world currency, the use of (more than two) alt accounts for advantage over others, may be punished as follows:

1st Offence: 1 week tempban + 50% economy reset
2nd Offence: 2 weeks tempban + 100% economy reset
3rd Offence: Permanent ban

Note: Any scammed item(s) will be taken back as well. We do not assist players who got scammed if the trade could have been done using /trade or /ah. Staff are not allowed to scam in any way.

Leaving before a screen share is finished, advertising, charging back or encouraging others to, having an inappropriate name, abusing bugs/glitches or sharing them, may be punished with a permanent ban.

The listed punishments are a guideline. It is at the staff's discretion how you will be punished. If unsure, ask a staff member.
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