SwordVale's release!

Hey guys! It has been quite a while since I've posted here. I have started up SwordVale with Survival, Creative and soon to have SkyBlock. These gamemodes are released whilst we continue designing and developing the unique factions gamemode we are working on. If you have any ideas or complaints, please let me know :) Make sure you read the rules https://swordvale.net/rules enjoy yourselves! My TODO list for tomorrow you can find below:

  • Fix survival shop
  • Finish bungeecord tags plugin
  • NuVotifier for all servers
  • SkyBlock spawn
  • LiteBans config for all servers
  • Link BuyCraft, give everyone their ranks/tags back.
  • Make rank perks
  • Make website look nice
  • Add playercount below NPC names for servers.
  • Add playercount for servers in the compass.
  • Configure SkyBlock plugin.
  • Make some interesting SkyBlock challenges.
  • Make a shop for SkyBlock.
  • Fix discord invite link for the website.
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